Using your iPhone whilst in the Bath. Can it be done safely?

iPhone in the bath

Look we get it – you simply can’t be without the internet for more than 5 minutes. Your iPhone constantly buzzes, vibrates and beeps its way in to your hands when every Facebook like, @reply on Twitter or when the latest breaking news hits. You simply can’t get away from the fact that your smartphone connects you to practically everything in the world, yet amazingly there is a simple solution to this; turn it off.

For those of us who are addicted to our smartphones though turning off our handset is practically impossible. What if I miss a witty Facebook reply? What if a hilarious image of a cat gets added to the Cheezeburger app? These are things the smartphone addict has to deal with everyday and when it comes to bath time, it can be a nightmare trying to frantically grab a towel to dry our hands just to see what our friends are up to (we know you have done it!).

So what to do? Well, there are two key ways you can safely use your iPhone in the bath without fear of damaging your handset and worse becoming unconnected from your social bubble. Here are just some of the things you can do to ensure that come bath time, you are prepared to use your smartphone to its fullest:

The waterproof case

If you own an iPhone then you should be aware of the wealth of fantastic waterproof cases on the market. Waterproof cases are exactly what they say on the tin; waterproof shells to keep your iPhone safe from water damage, no matter what depth your iPhone plunges to.

Products like the Amphibian Inno Pocket for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are perfect for use within a bath, utilizing three different shells to become water tight; 1) an internal polycarbonate completely see through shell, 2) an outer silicone gel case and 3) a back plate which seals the case water tight. Whilst bulky, this case is a fantastic option for bath time and will ensure that your iPhone 4 or 4S stays in tip top dry working condition.

If you own an iPhone 5, the Proporta BeachBuoy is an essential product which creates a water tight seal for your handset, which like the Amphibian case mentioned above leaves your touch-screen and controls fully intact. This ‘bag case’ is approved by the British Standards Institute, too, so no worries as to its performance in real life.

Water proof nano-coating

This way of waterproofing your iPhone is not as easily done as simply ordering a new waterproof case online, however it is more effective in the long run. There are companies out there who can apply a nano-coating to your iPhone which is silicone based, and this will ensure that your iPhone or any smartphone for that matter is waterproof against drops in the bath. P2I is a well known company for providing this service, and here is a fantastic video showcasing how the product works on a tissue:

All reputable nano-coating companies offer a guarantee whereby your handset will remain waterproof for a certain length of time submerged in water. A great way to protect any smartphone in the bath, if you ask us!

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