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Guest post: Top 5 Email Campaigns in 2012

Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 01.24.14

The past 12 months have been a great time for email marketing campaigns, as this perennially effective form of online advertising has risen to meet the challenges of the mobile revolution and the ever-increasing amount of people who conduct most of their business via the internet. Companies such as have been updating and improving the email templates that they make available for businesses, and there have been awards dished out right across the marketing world for the best campaigns. Here are five email campaigns that have been honoured by the industry:

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Protection for everything

cloud hostin

A few years ago, every single piece of spyware seemed to be big news – the British media reported on the impact of MS Blast et al with increasing fervour for every single virus released. For a while it seemed to die down a little, as Microsoft picked up the pace with their security systems; the unveiling of Security Essentials will certainly have helped to keep a reasonable number of computers clean; but there are always new threats on the horizon.

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Five in-car tech systems you can’t live without


If you spend loads of time in the car and love exciting gadgets, we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Here you’ll find five of the very best in-car tech systems which every car-owner will want. From keyless entry systems to self parking cars, there’s so many innovative systems out there, you’ll never look at your car in the same way again.

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5 Pieces of Kit to Help You Build The Ultimate Games Station


If you’re a gaming addict, you might consider building your very own PC to create the ultimate gaming experience. Before you get to the fancy add-ons—ramped-up speakers, widescreen displays, and DVD/Blu-ray burners—you’ve got to make sure the basic components are sorted. Here are the top 5 pieces of kit to help you build PC games station that will be the envy of all your friends:

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Great News Apps


When I was growing up, my parents always had a newspaper delivered to the door each morning. These days, much of the news has gone online. Though it’s definitely sad to see an industry that is such an institution slowly dwindle, it’s amazing how instantaneously you can get your news these days and how much cheaper the subscriptions can be. Here are a few of my favorite news apps:

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Guest post: Go Green with Free SIMS

Green Free SIM

In our current “throw away” society not many people will be aware that no other consumer electronic device is replaced as frequently as mobile phones. Despite the fact that most mobile phones are designed to last at least 5 Years, in Europe there are nearly 800 million mobile phone users, who on average replace their mobile phone every 18 months. This equates to about 500 million handsets a year that end up getting replaced quite needlessly.

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What’s the new iPhone like?

iPhone 5

The long awaited iPhone 5 was released a few months back by retailers like and although the most reported differences between it and the iPhone 4s were small, it actually has quite a lot of subtle differences that have improved it overall. Its lighter weight is not necessarily an improvement for everyone – lots of people prefer to be able to feel their phone in their pocket – but the larger screen is definitely approved of as everyone seems to follow the trend of moving towards bigger screens right now. It still doesn’t compete with the screen of something like the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, opting to keep the screen at the perfect size for video watching.  Continue reading →

Best gadgets for Christmas 2012

Gadgets are always a massive seller at Christmas time; some people just have to have the latest things, and don’t want to buy them for themselves; others don’t know what to get for their loved ones, and the latest piece of technology is sure to impress and entertain. Here are some of the gadgets that are not only cool presents for men and women, but aren’t going to cost the earth either:

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A look at the future of digital television: 4KTV


What is 4KTV

This summer saw the launch of the first wave of 4K Ultra High Definition television sets – but what are they? Put simply, they’re the next generation of visual technology, capable of producing images that are four times the resolution of the HD we’re currently used to, and with passive 3D thrown in too.

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Save on your home media bills and maximise your Internet speed with a simple test

internet speed test

Looking to Save on TV, Broadband and Phone Bills? We Show You How

Increasingly consumers are looking to see where they can switch providers and save money. But even if you’re tied into a contract, there are still ways in which you can save on your TV, broadband and phone bills. These simple tips will show you how.

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