Best gadgets for Christmas 2012

Gadgets are always a massive seller at Christmas time; some people just have to have the latest things, and don’t want to buy them for themselves; others don’t know what to get for their loved ones, and the latest piece of technology is sure to impress and entertain. Here are some of the gadgets that are not only cool presents for men and women, but aren’t going to cost the earth either:


The Kindle has been a massive seller for a few years now, and with Amazon moving into the market for a full media centric tablet, the gap is wide open for any company that can come up with an e reader better than the original Kindle. The NOOK might be that device, as the GlowLight is fantastic way to read at night, and the sturdy design and competitive price means that the all-conquering Kindle might finally have met its match.

2. iPod Touch

The iPod Touch has been left on the side lines for a few years now, despite an extensive advertising campaign from Apple. This is mostly because the original iPod Touch was essentially just an iPhone with some missing features; but the Californians have finally overhauled the line properly, and it now presents an affordable, fun alternative to the iPhone for people who want to play music and games, and already have a phone they’re happy with.

3. Wii-U

The Wii is one of the bestselling Christmas gadgets of all time, thanks largely to the fact that anyone who visited friends or relatives at Christmas that had received one instantly wanted to buy one for themselves. The Wii-U has been cleverly launched JUST in time for Christmas, and represents a big enough twist on the old Wii to make it a must have all over again. The gaming pad is a brand new innovation, which once again looks set to revolutionise gaming – while still being easy for anyone to pick up and play.

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