Five in-car tech systems you can’t live without


If you spend loads of time in the car and love exciting gadgets, we’ve got the perfect guide for you. Here you’ll find five of the very best in-car tech systems which every car-owner will want. From keyless entry systems to self parking cars, there’s so many innovative systems out there, you’ll never look at your car in the same way again.

Over at PassSmart, we love new in-car technology, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 of the very best systems on the road.

1. Lane-departure prevention

This clever technology stops drivers from dangerously drifting in and out of lane. We should all be alert when on the road, but if – for any reason – a driver loses concentration at the wheel, the system will give an audible warning. A camera mounted above the rear view mirror senses when you’re about to leave your lane without indicating, before giving you an audible warning. If you ignore that, the brakes will be applied on the opposite side of the vehicle to steer you back into lane.

Lane departure prevention is available in a number of vehicles, such as the Volvo XC70 and the Mercedes E-class.

2. Self-parking technology

Say goodbye to the pressure of the parallel park with this in-car technology. Auto parking systems have been widely developed over the past 10 years. With a self-parking vehicle you can squeeze into the tightest of spaces without doing anything. Simply pull up ahead of an empty space, put the car into reverse and sit back. Watching the steering wheel move by itself will be slightly disconcerting at first, but once you get used to it you can impress all of your passengers.

Automatic parking systems are built into the Toyota Prius and a number of Volkswagen models.

3. Keyless entry

You’ll never have to fumble around for your keys again with a keyless entry system. Keys are old-fashioned, and even a button is too much effort these days, because now you can simply walk towards your car to open it. This technology makes use of radio frequencies, sending a signal to a sensor in the car door.

Ford have a Key-Free System as well as Keyless entry, so keys are completely eliminated from the driving equation. Great if you’re always losing your keys in your bag, but it takes a bit of getting used to.

4. Reversing camera

If reversing isn’t your strong point, a reversing camera could be just what you need. A small, wide-angle lens is mounted on your rear bumper and the real time images will be displayed on an LCD screen in the dashboard. Some systems even show guidelines on the screen to direct you into place, and many car systems now have an in-built reverse camera system. The Ford Kuga is one such car to make use of this technology.

5. Digital TV

Headrest DVD players may have seemed exciting enough, but now you can get live, digital TV in your car. More and more luxury cars are being built with digital TV installed, so you could be watching Man vs Food from the comfort of your car.

There is an obvious issue with this system, however, as watching TV whilst driving is clearly a very bad idea. Many manufacturers have tackled this problem by allowing only the audio to be broadcasted whilst the car is moving.

In-built digital TV is available in the Jaguar FX, where the screen doubles up as a DVD player and a sat nav.

Isabelle Guarella – a blogger at – has written this top 5 especially for the readers of Tech News Arm.

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