Great News Apps


When I was growing up, my parents always had a newspaper delivered to the door each morning. These days, much of the news has gone online. Though it’s definitely sad to see an industry that is such an institution slowly dwindle, it’s amazing how instantaneously you can get your news these days and how much cheaper the subscriptions can be. Here are a few of my favorite news apps:

Flipboard. Flipboard is an awesome app that allows you to put all of your favorite news sources in one place so that you can literally flip through key headlines. You can search or use keywords, and it will pull in links from all over the web. 

Twitter. I only recently discovered how great Twitter can be for following the news. Often, you find more information directly from the source (or from your news’ sources’ tweets) than you do by searching online. During Hurricane Sandy, I was able to follow political officials and transportation boards to find out the most up-to-date, accurate info on the storm — it was really helpful.

CNN. CNN’s app is great because it is organized by different sections and even shows video clips. One of my favorite things about reading CNN articles is that they put a few bullet points at the top of the article to give you a quick synopsis if you’re just skimming the news.

Facebook. Facebook is another great way to get news when something big happens. You often have people updating on their phones with pictures and comments, sometimes scooping the press on things that are happening. Unintentionally, that is exactly how I found out about the election results. I hadn’t expected the election to be called so early, but when I clicked over to Facebook, I instantly saw a stream of updates. As long as you can tune out biased commentary on certain issues, the reality is that this is often where you can find news first.

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