Guest post: Top 5 Email Campaigns in 2012

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The past 12 months have been a great time for email marketing campaigns, as this perennially effective form of online advertising has risen to meet the challenges of the mobile revolution and the ever-increasing amount of people who conduct most of their business via the internet. Companies such as have been updating and improving the email templates that they make available for businesses, and there have been awards dished out right across the marketing world for the best campaigns. Here are five email campaigns that have been honoured by the industry:

Bessergehen GmbH: “Leaving Traces” campaign. This German firm ran a very strong campaign designed to have an impact on all platforms, beginning with an animated email on All Saint’s Day, which led the customer to the company’s website, blog and social media pages. Particularly clever was the use of pink “footprints” (also the firm’s logo), to “walk” recipients through the messages and the website itself.

Sony Electronics: “Black Friday-Cyber Monday” campaign. The sales and promotion period over the long weekend following Black Friday (the day following Thanksgiving Day) is very busy and hotly competitive, yet Sony made a real splash in the USA with their campaign, using several messages containing offers and promotions to increase both awareness and sales of the company’s consumer electronics range.

WWF Germany: E-newsletter redesign. The German wing of the World Wildlife Fund needed to spice up its email newsletter to attract and retain subscribers. This campaign involved focusing each successive newsletter on a specific threatened species or habitat. It certainly seemed to pay off, with the newsletter garnering 14% more donations than other fund-raising sources and a third of all newsletter subscribers also donating. The revenue from this campaign is still trickling in months later!

Acxiom Corporation: Bing Travel Horizontal Scroll. Another email newsletter campaign; this involved targeting the travel audience for Microsoft’s search engine Bing using mobile devices. To this end, the newsletter was reformatted so it scrolled horizontally, making it easy and enjoyable for customers to swipe it across their tablets or smartphones.

ESPN: Tutu Email. A simple yet effective HTML template, this email marketing campaign successfully strove to attract new talent and advertise vacancies at ESPN by using eye-catching graphics (especially the pink tutu) to showcase the incredible stories and highly diverse backgrounds of some of its top employees. The campaign paid off well, with a flood of inquiries and applicants for advertised positions.

Travelocity: email win-back campaign. Seeking to bring those email subscribers who have not been active on Travelocity’s website for some time back into the fold necessitated a highly creative email campaign designed not only to re-engage them, but also to convert this fresh interest into sales. To do this, the marketers decided to base the central message on loyalty and the subscribers’ continuing membership of the exclusive Travelocity “club”. With ROI boosted by 100% compared to previous campaigns, it is clear that the strategy was a powerful one.

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