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A few years ago, every single piece of spyware seemed to be big news – the British media reported on the impact of MS Blast et al with increasing fervour for every single virus released. For a while it seemed to die down a little, as Microsoft picked up the pace with their security systems; the unveiling of Security Essentials will certainly have helped to keep a reasonable number of computers clean; but there are always new threats on the horizon.

For a number of years it was believed that Apple’s Mac OS was “virus proof”, and that it was the sensible choice for anyone looking for security in particular. Installing an antivirus like Trend Micro virtualization security is getting to be more important though, as there are a significant number of viruses being developed for different platforms. Mac used to be more secure simply because it was more economical to target the more popular Windows operating system, and now Apple has evolved into the tech behemoth that it is today, there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of holes in security.

As reported on the BBC this week, hackers are finding new and ingenious ways to target mobile devices as well as desktops. Apple’s iOS is not safe from hackers either, so it’s extremely important to keep an eye on what you’re downloading on any platform – especially when you’re taking advantage of services such as iCloud and gaining access to the same potentially compromised files on a number of different devices.

Protecting all your equipment with a good antivirus program is absolutely essential now; there’s so much more to be risked than the forced shutdowns and general inconvenience caused by viruses around 10 years ago. Your financial information and personal details could become the target of hackers, and that’s going to cost you a lot more than taking preventative measures in the first place.

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