Pulso earning TechNewsArm Editors choice award

Box2000 pulso

Even though the iPad has been dominating the tablet market for a few years now, the introduction of the iPad Mini a few weeks ago just goes to show that Apple are far from the be all and end all of the tablet world. Giant retailers such as Amazon are getting in on the act, and tech behemoth Google are hot on Apple’s heels just like they are in the quest for the ultimate smartphone.

There are also a number of independently manufactured tablet computers that by all rights should be mentioned in the same breath as the above, and the Pulso P10C tablet is the pick of the bunch, which despite its much lower price tag, is every inch the competitor to the iPad 4 et al.

The Pulso is lightning fast, packing a 1.2 GHz processor, and running on Google’s much improved Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich edition. Plenty of system memory also means that you’re not going to experience much in the way of slowdown on that quickness either, so the single core is more than enough for everyday and even heavy use, in addition to making the tablet much more affordable too.

In fact, the Pulso comes in at just shy of £350 including shipping – less than £100 more than the just-launched and far inferior iPad Mini, and competitive in price with many of the other popular choices for full-sized tablets, making it probably the best choice for people who are looking for value for money from an independent tablet manufacturer. But what is it about the Pulso that enables it to compete with the manufacturing giants like Samsung?

The Pulso P10C’s display is actually one of its most impressive features, and measures in at a whopping 10.1” – slightly bigger than Apple’s newest version of its full-sized iPad range, and looking just as gorgeous with a 1024×600 pixel resolution. The multi-touch screen is easy to use as well as looking good, and should be the real selling point for this tablet, as it’s pretty much unsurpassed – especially when it comes to the independent retailers, though it’s good enough to take on the big boys too.

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