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Looking to Save on TV, Broadband and Phone Bills? We Show You How

Increasingly consumers are looking to see where they can switch providers and save money. But even if you’re tied into a contract, there are still ways in which you can save on your TV, broadband and phone bills. These simple tips will show you how.

Are you paying for services you don’t need?

It’s often the case that when you first sign up for a service, your new supplier may tempt you with other services at a reduced rate, like extra TV channels or a faster broadband package trial. However, in the long run, these offers are only going to save you money if you actually need and use them.

It pays to keep an eye on your monthly internet, TV and phone usage to see if you’re using enough of the data limit, TV or call package you’re paying for to make it worth your while. If you aren’t, call your provider and see if you can downgrade to a cheaper package that’s better suited to you.

Bundle and save

There are few of us who solely use the phone or internet to stay in touch these days, and bundled packages, that include broadband, line rental, calls, and your TV too should you need it, are the most cost effective ways to get connected. Purchasing all of these utilities from one provider is almost always cheaper than seeking them separately from a range of providers.

Internet service providers tend to offer regular discounts on these bundles too. Sky is currently offering 6 months free unlimited broadband to customers taking line rental, calls and broadband with them. You can use their internet speed test to see maximum speeds you can expect from the variety of broadband services that are available to you, including fibre optic.

Switch your line rental

You may be able to save money by switching your line rental to a different provider. Some providers offer free calls, typically at evenings and weekends, as part of even their most basic line rental products. And when you make the switch, more often than not you’ll still be able to keep your old number, and your new provider will do all the legwork for you.

Do you need your landline?

Home phones are increasingly neglected these days, thanks to the rise of the mobile and the smartphone. And how many people use up their entire inclusive mobile calls each month? It can be worth considering whether you really still need a landline, as you can save on line rental this way. With fibre connections it’s now possible to get a broadband service without a landline, depending on where you live, and there’s also mobile broadband to consider.

Pay your line rental upfront for the year

If you do want to keep your landline, another way you can save is by offering to pay your whole year’s line rental up front. If you can afford it, you’ll save in the long run, so ask your new provider, or your existing one if you’re carrying on your contract, if this is possible, and how much you’ll save by doing so.

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