What’s the new iPhone like?

iPhone 5

The long awaited iPhone 5 was released a few months back by retailers like phones4u.co.uk and although the most reported differences between it and the iPhone 4s were small, it actually has quite a lot of subtle differences that have improved it overall. Its lighter weight is not necessarily an improvement for everyone – lots of people prefer to be able to feel their phone in their pocket – but the larger screen is definitely approved of as everyone seems to follow the trend of moving towards bigger screens right now. It still doesn’t compete with the screen of something like the Samsung Galaxy S3 though, opting to keep the screen at the perfect size for video watching. 

Talking of video, this is one area where people will happy to hear that there have been big improvements. The camera is now 1080p and captures higher quality video, with the added bonus of a video stabilisation feature to eliminate any wobbling.

Although the camera is still 8 megapixels, the same as the iPhone 4S, it produces much higher quality pictures in low light. The front facing camera is now 720p which is great news for people who like to make videos or take self-portrait pictures and upload them to social networking sites, as they were much grainier before. The phone now has a brand new connector port called the ‘Lightning port’. It is small, and you can connect the cable to it in any way so you won’t have a problem when trying to connect in the dark.

As usual, the iPhone is geared towards a great experience for music listeners. You can access the music player in quite a few easy ways, and the actual player is very easy to use. There are also EQ and sound check settings which is a nice addition to improve the quality of what you are listening to.

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