A list of Five Great Gadgets for the Office


These small electronic or mechanical devices that are also known as gadgets are usually loved by people who work in an office environment because they not only offer color, character, and act as a way of relieving stress, but also bring the much needed humor in a busy day at the office.

They can also at the same time act as a perfect gift for your coworkers, customers or even the boss especially during the holiday seasons and most of them will think of you as their holiday hero. So in case you are wondering which office gadget would be the best to buy for yourself or simply as a gift for your family or friends below is a list of 5 great gadgets for an office.

Five Great Gadgets for an Office

5. Stealth Notebook or Tablet Envelope

The sad news is that notebooks and tablets are usually targeted by most thieves mainly due to the fact that most of the notebook or tablet cases attract a lot of attention. The good news is that stealth notebook or tablet covers are made to appear as though they are ordinary office envelopes.

Apart from camouflaging the notebooks and confusing would be thieves, they also help in protecting the equipment from spills and shocks.

4. Streaming Projector from 3M

This handheld and compact design projector from 3M boasts of an integrated streaming stick. It also comprises of a built in twin band Wi-Fi.

3. iPhone 5 from Apple

Arguably the best iPhone and smartphone in the universe to have ever been manufactured, this phone has been designed to address the shortcomings of its predecessors and it comes with a new design and features.

2. iPad from Apple (2012)

Designed with major improvements from the previous iPads, this iPad comes with 4G wireless option, graphics which are extremely fast an almost perfect camera and a screen with an incredibly high resolution.

1. 13-inch, MacBook Air from Apple (Summer 2012)

Even though it has a small number of improvements, its prices which have been lowered keep on making it the next best option for a would be MacBook Air owner.

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