Budget Traveller Trends infographic for 2012/13… [Infographic]

Want to know which city you can stay in longest on a £100 hostel budget? How about the most popular new cheap travel destinations in 2013? Or – sob, sob – which destinations are becoming more unpopular by the day? Find out all this and more in the Hostelbookers’ Budget Traveller Trends infographic for 2012/13

For Tech savvy travellers

  • ·         The top countries that book by mobile – It is not surprising that most cites in Europe are now booking accommodation through their mobile but what is surprising is that Brazil is amongst them which may show the strength of their WIFI Zones.
  • ·         The best cities for Wi-Fi accommodation – It looks like a lot of the accommodation in Asia now provides Wi-Fi, with all of Hostelbookers’ properties having good internet connections in Singapore.

This Inforgraphic is created by Hostelbookers.com, one of the leading specialists of budget travel accommodation in the UK.

Infographic Infographic: Budget Traveller Trends 2012 13

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