Cars are getting smarter

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There’s an app for that, according to one of Apple’s slogans, and that’s getting to be truer than ever. Your phone is getting better and better at interacting with the world around you, and developers are getting smarter at creating apps that you can apply to your everyday life. The days when you could use your phone as a remote for your TV are starting to seem a little quaint.

For instance, there’s a fantastic app developed by Smart that makes keeping track of your Smart Car mpg easier than ever before. Forget complex calculations and noting down details in columns; the mpg tracker app takes in all the details, such as how often you fill up and how far you usually go, to calculate everything for you – it even allows you to sync the data with your friends.

There a whole host of other apps available for iPhone, and plenty are being developed for Android too; not all are exclusively available for Smart cars, but the clue is probably in the name – they’re definitely leading the way with this kind of thing, and if you’re into gadgets Smart certainly presents the most cost effective way of getting access to this kind of equipment in your life. Obviously the luxury car manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes are developing gadgets to make your life easier too, but the luxury aspect is usually emphasised – very rarely are they as useful as a mpg calculator which can save you money, instead of just costing you cash to have the latest piece of tech in your car.
There are advancements being made all the time too; you can’t exactly drive your car remotely with your phone yet (not commercially anyway – it’s possible), but there are a whole array of extremely clever apps that can make your car smarter than ever before.

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