How the cloud is combating IT problems

cloud hostin

There are many different issues that can arise which could bring your business to a grinding standstill but none as frequent and problematic as IT issues.

Every modern business is increasingly reliant on computer technology. This is no problem in itself; after all, computers have simplified everything from payroll to paying invoices. Instead this reliance can have its pitfalls when problems develop with the service itself.

If a server goes down or your chosen operating system crashes, disruption to your business is inevitable. A frozen computer can render operations dead in their tracks meaning that orders are not processed, communication is impossible and staff are not being paid.

Is ‘the cloud’ the solution?

The relatively new technology of cloud computing dispenses many of these possibilities by holding your accounts, payroll and everything else on a ‘cloud drive’. This means that regardless of the state of your company computers, all of your important data remains accessible by logging into information stored outside of your offices and available wherever there is an internet connection.

With software such as QuickBooks cloud accounting available on these services your staff will be able to access key business information (such as unpaid invoices, outstanding bills, available stock, etc) from the comfort of their own home. For added security, QuickBooks Online includes an always-on activity log and audit trail, which records every user who signs in to the application and any changes made to financial transactions.

This is a great feature of cloud accounting software and is just one of business operations which are being enhanced by developments in technology. Remote access to your accounts is clearly beneficial for businesses operating in the modern world where accessibility and motion are buzzwords in almost every industry.

When is ‘the cloud’ useful?

It is not just in the event of a catastrophe that cloud accounting is useful however. In an age in which we are all increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our business models, cloud computing allows staff to do away with travelling to work every day.

Being able to dispel with the morning and evening commute to work increases time spent working, reduces stress and saves the employee money which would otherwise be spent on petrol, train fares or taxi rides. All they need at home is a computer and internet connection to access everything they would be able to at work.

This is great for businesses who want to promote flexible working conditions with their employees as it allows a more fluid method of working to be adopted. Flexible working is a great way of boosting morale which subsequently increases productivity and is therefore a great way to ensure your business performs as well as it possibly can.

Cloud computing has many different uses within the modern business. It is an efficient means of business contingency, allows staff to access business systems and allows you to check in on things whatever your location.

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