Olx.in the latest in online directories


Only a few years ago online directories provided a genuine alternative for small retailers who were looking to advertise their wares directly to their customers, without paying ridiculous amounts of money to do so, and it’s possible to do so again thanks to sites like olx.in.

The likes of Google have been cracking down on directory sites – which makes sense from their point of view as they provide a forum for people to talk to their potential customers without the need of a middle-man like a search engine. Olx.in is a portal for classified ads, which is completely free to use (and therefore gives it some decent ammunition to use against the major search engines), and through some clever marketing campaigns it’s quickly becoming a site that everyone is talking about.

Quikr.com has been the biggest online classifieds site in India for a while now, but data from Comscore suggests that throughout the last 14 months, steady growth in traffic thanks to a big TV marketing campaign has helped Olx.in to steal first place and make some decent headway on its competitor.

Olx.in has been around for nearly 7 years, which is going some way towards cementing its position as a highly trusted site in the Indian market – something that will no doubt come into play as the market is set to increase manifold over the next few years. Though there were 120 million Indian internet users in 2012, experts have suggested that this number will rise to around 350 million within the next three years. It’s no wonder that India is one of the top two priorities for Olx, who actually operate in 96 countries.

The Indian arm of Olx is flourishing thanks in no small part to the extensive television campaigns that have been running in that country, and once potential users have had their interest peaked, an easy to use interface is often enough to get them to stick around.

Olx.in allows its users to easily design full colour ads, complete with videos and pictures if necessary, to show off their products to their potential customers. There are more ways than ever before to be seen by potential users too thanks to social media platforms, and olx.in is fully integrated with these; along with full support for many mobile phones; meaning that the advertising benefits that merchants can actually receive from the site are many times larger than just a simple advertisement.

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