What’s the worst thing about losing your data?


When you’re working with important documents it can be financially devastating if you lose data you need; perhaps you’re not working with anything particularly important though – that doesn’t make the loss easier to bear when you accidentally wipe some stuff.

Nobody wants to re-do stuff they’ve already done, and having to re-write documents you’ve spent a lot of time on is not the worst thing about losing them – it’s the fact that more often than not it’s your own fault that you’ve lost the data in the first place. According to research by PC World, three quarters of incidents resulting in data loss are as a direct result of errors on the part of the person sat in front of the computer – not the computer itself.

We’re no strangers to cloud computing by now, but we are still discovering the possibilities of what the cloud can offer to us, and using cloud servers such as spanning.com to back up your files can ensure that even if you press a button you’re not supposed to, you should still be able to get hold of a recent version of your data.

The more clever cloud servers allow you to keep backups of data that is not necessarily stored on your computer in the first place – spanning.com for instance is excellent for protecting data that you’ve been creating in Google Docs, or on other Google apps. Businesses and consumers alike have known the importance of keeping backups of files for a long time; for many people that still means transferring data to a memory stick. Unfortunately, information that you’ve been compiling on the web itself has been difficult to make a copy of until recently, which has meant that useful apps that can save time and money have gone unused “just to be safe”. Cloud computing is opening new doors for all manner of people, and is looking set to make data loss all but impossible.

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