New Zealand price to buy tablets to improve efficiency


It is being reported that the New Zealand police force are going to be acquiring 6500 smart phones and 3900 tablets in an effort to improve the forces efficiency. I know that the only way we could improve efficency would be to sell my old games and get rid of the smartphones, and tablets! But I digress.

The press release states that by saving each officer the 30 minutes of time a day this will add up to 520,000 hours of time saved, or the equivalent of putting an extra 345 officers back on the beat.

The New Zealand National business review has reported that the smart phones and tablets will all be provided by Apple, and the connectivity will be provided by Vodafone New Zealand.

The reasoning behind providing these high-tech gadgets to the police force are that in addition to freeing up their time when submitting reports, the devices also allow for real-time lookups when officers are apprehended suspects.

An example given was that an officer had stopped a vehicle and spoken to a male who was sat in the rear of the vehicle. He apparently provided his name and details, which were then checked by the officer using his tablet. The photo belonging to the name given was obviously not the person who the officer was speaking to. The person who had been stopped then provided his proper name and details which allows the officer to see that there was an outstanding arrest warrant and substantial fines logged against this man’s details.

The police commissioner Peter Marshall stated that “our long-term vision is for front-line officers to be empowered, informed, tech savvy, visible and safe in the community preventing crime, and not in stations filling in forms.”

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