Pulso 7 tablet can’t argue with the value for money

Puslo 7 Tablet Award Winning

The tablet market is not short of entrants right now, but not every single model has the same selling points – which in my opinion is a good thing. Even though it can be pretty tempting to geek out over the newest tablet PC with the highest specs, I’m also really interested in tablets that offer great value for money, and the Pulso7 is one of the best value tablets around at the minute.

I’ve seen the Pulso7 for less than £100 on a few sites, which is a pretty great price for a model that also has some good features, and only marginally more than some of the market leading e readers.

Obviously, as with any budget tablet, there is not a huge amount of internal storage – only 4GB in fact. This should be enough if you just want to play music and browse the internet, but if you want to watch movies and so on you’re going to want to upgrade the storage, and fortunately you can increase the Pulso7’s capacity to a not-too-shabby 32GB with an external card.

Running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich means that the Pulso7 also has access to Google’s extensive Play Store, and an impressive array of apps; movies; e books; and now music too. The tablet can run pretty much any apps that are built for Android, which means that it’s fast and simple to check your Facebook or Twitter; stream some TV from BBC iPlayer or Sky Go; or play some of the great games on offer such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Angry Birds.

Another plus is the sleek design; the Pulso7 is a pretty good looking tablet. Featuring a 7 inch screen (hence the name) which should be good for most tasks you have in mind for it, the tablet feels pretty durable, and the white reverse looks great. The 800×480 pixel display is definitely good for the money, and a front mounted camera is also on board.

As with some other lower spec models the battery life on the Pulso7 is not too bad, and I got around 5 hours out of it using the tablet continually. The standby time should be around 24 hours, so combined with the small size it should be a good bet for anyone who wants to take their tablet travelling. You even get a wall plug with it (unlike some of the more expensive tablet PCs), which is just one of the things that makes the Pulso7 great value for money.

4 Comments on "Pulso 7 tablet can’t argue with the value for money"

  1. nicol says:

    Hi i just got this tablet from wowcher, It took me one day to be able to make it work. the screen it freezes and when the key comes up i cant unlock the screen. Goes on and off by itself. I tried to to put it off and start again, after my 10th time i gave up. It shows me pulso, than android than the lovely safer screen with the key.. but the screen is frozen.
    anybody can help me.

  2. nicol says:

    Hi just trying my luck again. Same thing. I put it on.. shows me pulso, than android and the safe screen with the time and key. But when i want to unlock the screen nothing. Going into my 6th time now. I am giving up. if i leave my email can anybody help me…. depaivan @yahoo.com..

    • Armenante says:

      Hi, Sorry I can’t really be much help to you here I don’t have and direct contacts at the company that makes the tablets. The one I have got is working perfectly.

      Really sorry I couldn’t be any more helpful, hope you find out how to fix it.


      • nicol says:

        Thank you. Got in touch with box2000 and will send ut back. Second time better luck i hope. —–Original message—–

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