three items to consider when purchasing web hosting for your business


This is probably one of the most important items you will buy for your companies web site especially if you sell your products on-line, if anything goes wrong with your web site it could mean you losing hundreds if not thousand in sales for your business not to mention the damage to your brand’s reputation if your site goes down. Thats why it is imperative to make sure that you choose a reliable and professional hosting company. Listed below are several things to look out for when you are making this decision for your company, it is definitely a good idea to make sure you have everyone covered.

1. Customer support

This might sound like it isn’t very important if you have an army of tech guys, developers and network managers at your disposal however it is still something that you really should take into consideration when buying your hosting. If there isn’t 24 hour support and your site goes down and you can’t find the issue or you need technical support for the hosts then you will struggle. Some companies like Intechnology have 24/7 support with their hosting packages if your hosting goes down for an issue on you end or there, then a company like this will be able to hold your hand through the experience and make sure that there is minimal damage to your site and company.

2. Bandwidth and disk space of your hosting package

This is also a very important aspect of your hosting to consider when you are deciding which company to go for you should always think about how much bandwidth and disk space you are getting. This is because not all services offer unlimited bandwidth, image you are on a capped package and you are a news website. If a large news story breaks on your site and it goes down because of lack of bandwidth them this could mean that thousands of people are put off your site.

3. Reliability of the service

This is always a major thing to consider, just like bandwidth if your site goes down because they hosting service lets you down then you could be facing real issues as a business. For example if your company was selling products on their site you could lose not only the sales but also the trust of the consumer, which is why every aspect of your hosting needs to be carefully


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