Some of the best new technology seen at CES 2013


The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gave the world’s technology giants the platform to give us a first look at the newest gadgets set to enter the market in the next few years. After a strong finish to 2012 which saw them overtake Apple to become the dominant force in the smartphone market, Samsung unveiled some pretty exciting new technology during a keynote speech that also featured a contribution by former American president Bill Clinton. I’ve had a look at one of the most anticipated pieces of new technology the Korean manufacturers brought to the CES table.

Flexible Phone

Samsung unveiled its first flexible phone prototype during its keynote speech and although the technology is a long way from reaching your local phone shop, it looks like flexible displays may be the defining feature that phone manufacturers will focus on during the next few years.

At this stage the flexible display phone requires a processor to be externally attached, instead of contained within the phone itself, so don’t expect to be bending your mobile into all manner of positions until processors are developed that are flexible and small enough to be placed inside the phone. The phone itself is very impressive it has to be said; it can be bent without distorting what is being shown on the screen.

Pioneering new technology

It’s highly likely that this new generation of smartphones will feature plastic rather than glass which will allow for more bending and movement without the risk of screens cracking. The new phone will be able to roll, fold and withstand all manner of falls and drops, a feature that I’m sure will appeal to those of us who frequently damage our gadgets!

The introduction of these bendy phones to the market will definitely see a new range of accessories appear on the market, with a range of highly flexible smartphone cases and covers sure to follow as more consumers switch from traditionally rigid phones.

The prototype demonstrated in Las Vegas appeared to be running Windows 8 software, which signals a move away from the Android software that current Samsung devices run on. With Microsoft and Samsung clearly investing in the flexible screen technology, many other major phone companies are sure to follow suit by developing their own versions in the near future.

About the author: Les Yates is Marketing Manager at online retailer The Snugg, which sells a range of protective coverings and cases for your smartphone or tablet including cases for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

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