The Best Gadgets for Your SUV


Sports Utility Vehicles – better known as SUVs – have fast become one of the most popular vehicles available on the market. Like the perfect hybrid between a pickup truck and a minivan; they are capable of switching from on to off road driving in the blink of an eye while carrying a decent number of happy passengers. Tough on the outside and spacious on the inside; the benefits of an SUV need not end there however. With a plethora of gadgets now widely available to consumers, kitting out the likes of a new Holden Captiva 5 to become an all-singing, all-dancing techno-fest is now pretty easy to achieve. Here are some of the best and most popular types of gadget on the market:


Global Positioning Systems have quickly become the best friend of many a driver. They use satellites to locate your position on a map; displaying your whereabouts, calculating routes and guiding you to your desired locations. Many of them even famously have voices implemented into their system (some even provided by celebrities) that will talk you through your journey and save you from even having to look at the screen. These really can take the stress out of driving and stop you from ever getting lost again. Not all SUVs come pre loaded with a GPS, however leading companies such as Navman typicall produce better quality GPS maps than those found pre loaded in cars. Navman also owns Magellan Outdoor GPS, a pretty cool company that makes GPS devises for adventurers.

Wireless FM Radio Transmitters

This very handy little clip-on device hooks your phone up to your SUV’s radio. You can pre-select any frequency that once you are tuned into, will boom out the voice of your callers loud and clear. There are a number of hands-free devices out there but sometimes the phones themselves fail to project the caller’s voice enough to support a conversation. With one of these, phone calls can now truly be hands-free, safe and audible.

Rear-view Back-up Camera

Some new car designs are so sleek and aerodynamic that visibility can actually suffer. This has led to the development of rear-view cameras. Taking the function of rear-view mirrors to a whole new level; a dashboard screen would provide a clear image of the area behind the vehicle, making reversing and parking a breeze. These are not exactly standard issue just yet but the materials and technology required are becoming more affordable and demand for this piece of equipment is growing; so much so that by 2014, these will be pretty common in the US. With this gadget, it not only looks incredibly modern but actually increases driver safety; undeniably a great asset to any SUV.


Your car stereo can also function as a TV to entertain your passengers or to help pass time during those long traffic holdups. Just flip it up and you can have a 5” full colour, LCD monitor with backlight display and adjustable contrast and brightness. Just flip it up and you can have a 5” full colour, LCD monitor with backlight display and adjustable contrast and brightness. Hooked up to your radio whip antenna, your vehicle can pick up a clear signal even when you are out on the open road; you never need to miss any of your favorite TV shows again.


In the not too distant future, all our cars may essentially become one big, interactive, digital device. Internet connected cars are on the agenda for many manufacturers and they aim to make this technology available to the mass market soon; thus opening up a whole host of new, exciting opportunities in the way of technological advancements. In the meantime, the gadgets mentioned above should be more than enough to satisfy any techno loving SUV enthusiast.

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