Why it’s a good thing that Online Games are Taking over the World


Whether you like them or not, online games have well and truly taken over the world. We’ve seen a massive influx of online games in recent years and all types of gamers can find the right one for them – whether it’s an online first person shooter like Call of Duty and Battlefield, online role-playing games like World of Warcraft and Star Wars The Old Republic or car racing games like Grand Turismo or Auto Club Revolution, (visit site here). I want to argue why it’s a good thing – or at least a better thing than the traditional offline computer games.

1)      They’re sociable

It’s a common complaint about computer games and other ‘geek’ activities that they cause people to stay indoors and to not interact with other people. This has cemented the stereotype that gamers/geeks have no socials skills—which is an essential skill for anything hoping to be successful professionally. This just isn’t the case with online games. This is because gamers constantly talk to each other, make friends and even, in some cases, meet up in the real world. If anything, online gaming is a socialising tool, much like social networks. Of course this isn’t true for all games, but it really is the case for many of them.  I friend of mine actually met a bunch of people from the Netherlands whom he played World of Warcraft with. They had met online and had gotten on like a house on fire. So, when they were visiting England, they made sure to spend an evening together. My friend is actually planning to visit them in Amsterdam, and it sounds like he’s made some lifelong friends. The days of the unsociable geek are over.


2)      They are cheaper than a lot of other pricey hobbies

Most hobbies cost money, this is a fact. Even walking, which one might imagine to be cheap and easy, can become expensive when one considers how much walking boots and outdoor gear can cost. Collecting card games like Magic the Gathering or models (the most popular being Warhammer) can be incredibly expensive – one model (picture on the right) I found on warhammer.org.uk was selling for £700 on Ebay! Offline games tend to have a lot less playing time to them, because there is only a finite amount of things one can do in them. Online games provide a lot longer playing times, meaning that you can get a lot more out of the one game and won’t need to buy a new game every other week. Online games cost money, usually on a monthly subscription basis. Auto Club Revolution (an online racing game) is actually free to play, and only costs when you want to buy specific cars and upgrade for your vehicles. This way, gamers get to control exactly what they want to spend. The money an individual can spend on an online game pales in comparison to lots of the other hobbies out there, just think of how expensive it is to take up horse riding, skiing, cycling, poker…

3)      They’re just plain fun

This mightn’t sound like the most convincing point to all the non-believers out there, but it’s true: they’re incredibly fun. If they weren’t, then millions and millions of people wouldn’t be playing them. As I said at the beginning; there is something for everybody and they are such big business now that a lot of money and jobs are being created from them. I’m a big advocate of fun. Fun can turn a bad day into a good day. Fun can cheer you up when you need it. Fun is for spare time and for friends and… only games. If you’re against fun then I’m not sure I can’t convince you on online games.


So don’t look at them as some geeky thing that you can’t relate to. Look at them as a sociable, cheap way to have fun whilst supporting peoples’ jobs throughout the world.

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