6 Coolest Technologies That Future Cars Could Have

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Cars today have technologies that you just dreamed of a few years ago, such as those that run on electricity instead of gasoline. As automotive technology continues to evolve, you’ll see some fancy new features coming down the line in the years to come. Here’s a look at some of the coolest technologies the cars of the future could have.

OLED Transparent Instrument Panels

Image via Wikimedia Commons

A transparent OLED panel could be coming to the market as soon as 2015. This technology provides drivers with a better range of vision, as you can see through the instrument panel. The Kia Pop has this technology, but this model is still a concept car. In the Kia Pop, the instrument readouts are only displayed when the car is running.

Body Panels Made from Vegetables

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Image via Wikimedia Commons

It sounds crazy, but the idea of organically grown auto body panels is a concept that’s already being put to the test. Honda’s Air concept is a great example of this technology, using vegetable-based body panels that are considerably lighter than today’s norm.

Self-Driving Cars Make for Hands-Free Driving

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Image via Pixabay by Jace

Google set out on a mission to create a self-driving car back in 2010. For whatever reason the search engine giant decided to dedicate itself to creating a self-driving auto, they achieved their goal as usual. Google has successfully completed more than 200,000 miles with a computer-led, self-driving Toyota Prius. You won’t find this particular Toyota Prius at Big World Motoring Forum, but you will find plenty of other cars to choose from.

Flying Cars Take You Back to the Future


Image via Wikimedia Commons

The 1980s movie series, “Back to the Future,” had some ideas in mind that just might come to fruition. Flying cars, for instance, are already being produced—although not for the mass market. The Terrafugia Transition made its debut at the New York International Auto Show in 2012. The Transition Production Prototype made its first flight on March 23, 2012, just days before its public debut.

Hand Gesture-Driven Cars for Smart Driving


Image via FreeAussieStock.com

Who needs a silly mechanism like a steering wheel? Cars of the future could be maneuvered using smart technology that recognizes the driver’s hand gestures. The Mercedes-Benz F-125! Concept has implemented this technology, although cars such as this won’t hit the consumer market until 2025 or later.

Hydrogen-Powered Cars for Maximum Fuel Efficiency

The Mercedes not only interprets hand gestures, but changes lanes automatically on one-lane roads and navigates through a traffic jam with zero driver intervention. To top it off, this concept car runs on hydrogen, a far more efficient fuel than even electricity, and it travels 621 miles on a single tank—that’s 105 miles per gallon.

Environmental friendliness, fuel efficiency and self-driven vehicles are auto dreams that are just out of reach today. But the cars of the future could have all this and more. After all, it was only a few years ago that many of the technologies you’re used to today seemed like an impossibility.

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