Another piece of cloud new businesses should consider

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The recruitment processes of many businesses are outdated, and the recruitment processes often feel too lengthy and time-consuming to make the effort to change to a new way of working. But for many, a little upfront investment would be well worth it.

Recruiters who have moved over to using cloud-based HRSi software are finding the process of recruitment is being rapidly streamlined, speeded-up and simplified. Recruitment Force, creators of this Software as a Service (SaaS), have got some keen techies on their side, helping them create products that really do make life easier when it comes to recruitment. So why is it worth considering for your business?

Saving time is vital when it comes to finding a new employee for your company. Of course, when it comes to business, time – as they say – is money and never is this truer than in recruitment. If you or your employees spend a lot of time searching for candidates, shuffling through CVs and covering letters, shortlisting, organizing and executing interviews and creating contracts then a smart cloud recruitment software solution could save you time and money.

The system features a powerful dashboard for managing applications, which is easier and nicer to work with compared to several CVs and bits of paper planted on your desk – with recruitment of course, organisation is key. When you log-in, your dashboard (customizable with widgets) will show you all the tasks you’ve completed to date and what is lined up for the week ahead. Urgent aspects of your to-do list are kept highlighted, so you can’t forget about them.

Optional messaging add-ins allow the recruiter to bulk-send SMS messages to individual or all candidates regarding their application, whether it’s updates, rejections, invites to an interview and so on.

Farewell to manual administration! In-built auto-recognition scans documents such as CVs and covering letters, immediately turning them into database entries to kick start your recruitment search. All data related to your recruitment search, whether it’s from an email, from a social networking site such as LinkedIn, a website such as Monster or Jobsite, or from a document on your desktop, all gets imported into your rapidly growing database. And because it’s saved in the cloud, the database travels with you. An in-built workflow program keeps things moving and offers a guideline as to what should be completed at what point in time.

The seamless integration with LinkedIn is another big reason many recruiters are moving over to using this software. The functionality means that you can search this useful networking site’s database without leaving your own, and you can also create records directly from LinkedIn URLs.

Finally, the software it has on-demand help and access to data when the user needs it, whether they are at home, in the office or travelling. Support can be accessed over the phone, by email or by online chat. There is also an associated discussion forum for users of the software, so you can make the most of this to see how others are using it. Updates to the software are free and are automatically pushed to your devices – no more time-consuming downloading and another benefit of cloud-based systems.


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