Can you ever really get rid of something?


It can seem like there are brand new security and privacy fears hitting the news with everything every day; from brand new apps and tech start-ups like Path and Snapchat have been under public scrutiny over the past few weeks, and Snapchat in particular has been a big issue.

Snapchat is an app available for smartphones (iOS and Android), which allows its users to send a picture to anyone else using the app – so far so good, but the difference is that Snapchat will delete the picture within a specified amount of time; say 10 seconds. The recipient can take a screenshot of the photo and keep it, but the app will notify the sender that this has happened, which can add an extra level of security to proceedings.

This week news broke that you can actually get your deleted photos back from Snapchat – albeit with the help of a team of forensics experts. Snapchat have handled this pretty well, and nobody really seems too worried about using the app, but it does seem like the days when you can truly get rid of something have all but gone.

Many offices are pushing to become paperless, but as files and folders are still such an important part of working life – as well as potentially a security risk all of their own should they fall into the wrong hands – it’s absolutely essential that offices and homes think more about what they should be doing with their papers to make sure that they don’t come back to haunt them in the future.

There are different ways to do this – burning papers is potentially one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted documents thoroughly, but it can be dangerous, so we would suggest you go to Iron Mountain for shredding. Shredding is still the safest, most efficient way to delete documents in real life, and Iron Mountain have a selection of shredders that suit any budget and any environment.

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