Get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy S4



You must have just emerged from your life under a rock if you have not heard about the ground-breaking mobile phone that is the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If this is the case, welcome back to the surface but please take a moment to have a look through this link to see why this new smartphone is quickly taking the technology world by storm.

You will quickly see that the gadget has so much potential – its huge touchscreen is a joy to behold, it is so easy to use and is packed to the brim with exciting features right out of the box.

However, follow these steps once you buy your very own Samsung Galaxy S4 and get much, much more out of your swanky device.

Share your content with the world

So you have just managed to shoot an amazing video or have taken some of the most glorious holiday snaps that you have ever seen.

However, the excitement to show off this content to all your friends and family soon turns to annoyance and just a tad of frustration when you have to repeat the slideshow for every person.

We have all been there, but the fortunate thing with the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that you never have to go there again.



Whether you own a Samsung TV or have your hands on an AllShare Cast dongle – Cnet Asia has detailed everything you need to know about the latter device here in case you’re a bit puzzled – you can now stream content from your new smartphone to your TV.

Sharing has never been so easy!

Get more juice out of your device

With all the features that come packed into a Samsung Galaxy S4, coupled with the gadget’s gorgeous display, you may believe that the device’s battery is going to drain of power very quickly.

Fortunately, there is an option to switch on the gadget’s power saver mode – a brilliant choice if you need to use your phone throughout the day or have left the charger sitting at home.

Want to save even more battery life? Well, it is easy to start switching applications off manually. Just go on the quick settings page and have a think whether you really need Bluetooth, NFC, the device’s Smart Scroll feature and S Beam all activated.

You are bound to be surprised how long your smartphone lasts once all of these have been deactivated.

Customise the display just how you like it

This tip links a little to our advice about getting more out of your phone’s battery, because the brighter the smartphone’s display is, obviously the more juice it is going to need to keep functioning.

What is unique about the Samsung Galaxy S4, however, is that you can flick on an automatic setting on the device that will use a light sensor to adjust brightness depending on your surroundings.

For some personalisation, we also urge you to have a look at all of the device’s screen modes to find the best display for you. The phone is set to Adapt by default, but you may find that Dynamic, Standard, Movie or Professional is better for your peepers.

It is your smartphone after all.

Keep it safe from scruffs and scrapes

As we have mentioned previously, the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a high-quality touchscreen display and its back case design isn’t too shabby either.

Mind you, the aesthetic appeal of your device will take a terrible nosedive if scratches begin to appear across its glossy case or one long crack appears should the phone stumble out of your grip one day.

Add an extra layer of protection to your expensive smartphone then by housing it inside a sturdy phone case.

There are so many to choose from, though Samsung Galaxy S4 cases from Mobile Madhouse stand out for their stylish graphics and wide variety of options – you can even double your phone up as a wallet if you like.

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