Xbox One – Is this the future?

It has been common knowledge since February that the Playstation 4, the latest game console from entertainment giants Sony, is set for a 2013 release, news that has lead excited fans to sell old laptop, clothes and whatever else they find, in order to raise funds for the undoubtedly expensive new machine.

Conversely, rivals Microsoft, manufacturers of the Xbox series of consoles, have been unusually quiet on this front. However, the entertainment giants have now firmly re-established themselves in the 8th generation picture with the recently confirmed news that the software developer’s latest console, the Xbox One, will be released in 2013 too. At an official unveiling of the machine, Microsoft also revealed full spec details along with some impressive and innovative new features that could make the competition look outdated it’s even been released.

Integrated Entertainment System

With the Xbox One, Microsoft has tried to create a machine capable of covering the entire entertainment spectrum. The console can play films, music and TV, as well as having its own channel guide, with Microsoft hoping that their latest invention will be only machine that users need, no matter what they want to do.

Voice commands

One of the most notable new features of the Xbox One is its voice command system. At the recent unveiling of the new Xbox, Microsoft executives took great pleasure in showing off the seamless capabilities of the technology, switching easily from TV to music to the internet and back again, all without having to lift a finger. Also impressive was the voice command system’s understanding of colloquial language, meaning that the machine itself has been adapted to the human world, saving the user from having to alter their speech.

The games

More will no doubt follow, however, already confirmed for the Xbox One are the big names, like Call of Duty: Ghosts, FIFA 14, Quantum Break and Forza Motorsport 5. Microsoft have also teamed up with legendary Hollywood producer, Steven Spielberg, to create an entire television series based on Halo, the standard bearer of Xbox games.

Hardware specs

The Xbox One is clearly a step up in terms of spec from the 360, unsurprising considering that it’s been eights years since the latter was first released. However, relative to the new Playstation, it doesn’t look quite as impressive. The Sony model has quicker system memory and a more powerful core processor, although it is early days as Playstation are yet to release full details.

The future?

The Xbox One is certainly an impressive machine with lots of features and trailblazing functions, something that could really help it to become a crossover console, just as popular with parents as it is with kids. However, for serious gamers, all that really matters is hardware, which is where the Playstation 4 has the definite advantage.

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