iPhone 5 has awesome specs…but can it handle the 90s?


The 90s were a magical time, when the Fresh Prince ruled supreme, and “gaming” was something you did on your Sega. It’s a far cry from the console wars of today, which Sega doesn’t exist to take part in, and some of the guilty parties aren’t even consoles. Mobile gaming is becoming massive, but if you listen to anyone at E3 it’s never going to be able to take over the thrill you’ll get from playing one of your 35 shooting games and 1 racing game on your Xbox 360.

The games that do well on smartphones are, ironically considering how the industry is advancing with the technology available, usually the simplest ones. It’s tough to say that Nintendo owns your game in terms of complexity, but Angry Birds is a pretty simple concept.

Bearing in mind that the simplest games are the best, then everyone who’s ever picked up their mobile phone and fancied a quick blast through a few levels of something will be pleased to know that Carphone Warehouse are bringing back Snake.

Snake is the best game to ever feature a Snake (including Metal Gear Solid), and thanks to the technology on the market today (specifically the Galaxy S4), Carphone Warehouse have updated it to be even more awesome. Even more awesome still, if you play Snake Retro you’re automatically entered into a prize draw to win either an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4.

The new game is built using the interfaces of these two phones, and is designed to show off just how far technology has come in two decades. Check out the 90s vs. iPhone 5, or if you’re not a fanboy for the Californians, the Korean equivalent 90s vs. Samsung Galaxy S4. Both are pretty great to see, but if you’re one of the 10 people who count themselves as fans of the forgotten gaming platform, you can even play it on your PC. Do it, win yourself an iPhone 5, and join us in the 21st Century.

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