Manage Your Fibre Optic Cables Properly


While there are a number of benefits that come from switching to a fibre optic cable system, the robust nature of the cables is one of the best factors. Improved speed and reliability are key factors for all businesses to look for but when it comes to getting good value for money, improving the lifetime of the cables will be a great benefit. One of the most important things to bear in mind when looking after your cables is to keep the cables and free from dirt.

This is important because dirt is one of the biggest dangers towards fibre optic cabling. Even a minuscule grain of dirt or pollen has the potential to prevent data from being transferred which means that keeping your cables clean is essential for any business. The problem is that contamination can happen very quickly and it can spread fast, meaning that your data lines can be knocked out in a short space of time. When ports and connectors are in not in use, it best to keep them covered but it is important to know that there are a number of cleaning products that can provide benefits with respect to keeping your fibre optic cables clean.

Choose from a range of cable cleaning options

The fact that there is a choice between one click cleaners, wipes, reel cleaners and swabs will be of interest to most people. Whether your main focus falls on personal preference, ease of use or budget, you will find that there are plenty of options to select from and MCL Data Solutions offer everything that a customer could want or need.

A swab can be a sensible option to ensure that the in-port connectors which can be difficult to reach otherwise. Swabs are a hygienic way to clean as they are discarded after being used.  It may be that wipes are preferable for the user and there is a choice of wipes to select from. Pre-moistened wipes are another single-use cleaning solution which is ideal for cleaning fibres before they are spliced or for cleaning connectors that are extremely dirty. The dry version of wipes is commonly used to clean the free connectors before they are inserted. Carrying out a quick check and clean before setting up your connections can help to improve the service you receive.

One click cleaners are used by means of using a cleaning tape directly up against the face of the connector. This method provides a reliable cleaning solution and given that most of these cleaners provide close to 1,000 cleans, there is a great deal of value for money to be found from them. Similar value for money can be found from reel cleaners, which also allows a considerable number of cleans to be carried out.

Ensuring that you are able to keep your fibre optic cables in good working order, will help you to get better service and a longer life. In the current economic climate, getting great value for money is essential for every firm.

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