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Incorporating video into flexible display technology


Flexible plastic displays are, without doubt, the next ‘big thing’. There is currently a scramble amongst major manufacturers such as Samsung and LG to bring the concept to market, and in fact LG predicts that smart phones incorporating flexible display technology will be hitting the shops before the end of the year.

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Turn your office paperless


The very first office I ever worked in had an initiative that people were very strongly encouraged to get behind. It was called “Project Exodus”, and was meant to turn the whole office paperless – that is, encourage everyone to stop printing where they don’t need to, and make sure that everything is digital where possible, to cut down on mailing costs if nothing else. The problem was that “Project Exodus” was run by only one man, and consisted of nagging people to put “Don’t print this email” in their signatures, and printing off the words: “Project Exodus” on a piece of A4 paper and sticking it to the back of his monitor with sticky tape.

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New TV – top features

Sony Bravia KDL55HX853

When you walk into an electronics showroom or browse online, the range of television sets on offer today can be quite overwhelming. From giant screens to 3D capabilities, the latest models are far more capable than ever. Finally, the idea that your television set is the centre of a true all-round home entertainment system has become a reality and you don’t need lots of extra boxes and wires to make it happen.

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How M2M is revolutionising logistics


Machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions are currently changing the way many industries work – they’re revolutionising the security, transport and logistics sectors in particular.

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How secure is your infrastructure?


Due to the fact that there are less big viruses and spyware related attacks reported on the news, some people have started to think they’re home free, and don’t need any kind of protection anymore. While Microsoft and Apple have gotten much better at dealing with the likes of Melisa and MS Blast (not that Apple had much to deal with there anyway), the hackers are getting smarter – and turning their attention to the growing world of online commerce.

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Find out how much of a good driver you are with the Confusing driving app


An easy to use and free mobile car insurance phone app has been introduced to the public to provide vital information to the car insurance companies to determine premium rates.

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