Find out how much of a good driver you are with the Confusing driving app


An easy to use and free mobile car insurance phone app has been introduced to the public to provide vital information to the car insurance companies to determine premium rates.

After a trial period of gathering driving statistics the person is rated at a certain level of a driving level. At each level there is room for improvement and suggestions are given to the driver on how to improve their score.

There is no incidence of data not being recorded because the information is gathered through the driver’s GPs that is installed on the mobile. The signal is not dependent upon the network that the original phone is linked too.

The app is in real time mode that captures every driving characteristic that is programmed into it. The GPS is filtered to get the best and most accurate information concerning the driving habits that is being produced. Because speed is one of the parameters that are monitored, attention is made to the traffic environment as well. Driving slowly in heavy traffic is not considered a low redeeming character flaw because the app takes into account this aspect of the traffic patterns.

The car insurance app also has a functionality of ensuring that everything is working as best as possible. Check in periods of time will be noted by the app to remind the driver to ensure that all data is being recorded properly. The technology that is used with this app is of the highest quality and determines a score the driver based on a star count. 5 stars are given for the best results that include an array of driving behaviour that is recorded.

It does not take very long before results are given to the database network. In as little as 10 minutes after the vehicle is moving, information can be disseminated to the controller. The longer the journey the more data that can be had and evaluated by the system. After 250 miles of travel a compilation score is given to the driver and the corresponding discount can be noted for the driver.

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