How secure is your infrastructure?


Due to the fact that there are less big viruses and spyware related attacks reported on the news, some people have started to think they’re home free, and don’t need any kind of protection anymore. While Microsoft and Apple have gotten much better at dealing with the likes of Melisa and MS Blast (not that Apple had much to deal with there anyway), the hackers are getting smarter – and turning their attention to the growing world of online commerce.

Since the turn of the millennium businesses started to move online more rapidly, to the extent that now even the smallest local businesses often have an online presence – even if it is just a Facebook page or Twitter account, or a Google Places listing – which means that bigger companies are there in force too.

And it’s not just the public face of big companies. Some high profile hackings of Burger King’s and the BBC’s Twitter accounts notwithstanding, everyone also has a whole lot of data online, locked away, as far as they’re aware.

From emails, to documents in the cloud (or elsewhere on a network), there are a lot of things that make IT security essential for a B2B or B2C company, and the last thing the bosses want is for that data to fall into the wrong hands. Companies like TSG do a fantastic job of keeping security systems up to date, and making sure that any gaps in your infrastructure are properly filled.

The benefits of a company like TSG though come in the fact that they’re good at everything, and can not only deal effectively and quickly with your security issues, but also with day to day maintenance problems that have the potential to spiral out of control and become a much bigger problem at a later date if something is not done in a professional capacity.

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