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Sony Bravia KDL55HX853

When you walk into an electronics showroom or browse online, the range of television sets on offer today can be quite overwhelming. From giant screens to 3D capabilities, the latest models are far more capable than ever. Finally, the idea that your television set is the centre of a true all-round home entertainment system has become a reality and you don’t need lots of extra boxes and wires to make it happen.

So what are the main things to look for when you decide to buy a new TV?


In the old days it was quite easy to choose a screen, you simply got the biggest one that you could but had to factor in how big the set itself would then be. As old style TVs used CRT technology, the vacuum tube inside the set had to be longer in order to project onto bigger screens. This meant massive boxes that had a hefty footprint.

When plasma and LCD screens started to appear on sale in the 1990s, screens began to get much bigger whilst the depth of TVs shrank. Today’s latest led TV sets offer a wide range of screen sizes that are wafer-thin and can be placed anywhere that you want them to be.


Not only do the latest screens offer flexibility because of their size, they also provide the most sharp and lifelike detail. Higher contrast capabilities mean brighter and keener colours, as well as high definition standards that mean fast-moving sports action appears smoother for truly lifelike pictures.

Whether you are one of the 1 billion people worldwide that watched the Cricket World Cup match between India and Pakistan in 2011 or are more likely to watch next year’s Fifa World Cup in Brazil, major sporting events have never looked so sharp and lifelike.


Although still a relatively recent addition to TV, 3D viewing is proving incredibly popular; both with film fans and sports fans alike. Images with sharp depth of detail leap off the screen so that you can enjoy a true cinema experience from your sofa.

‘Active 3D’ sends pictures to each eye to achieve realistic depth creation while ‘Passive 3D’ provides a comfortable 3D experience with finely detailed images.


Some people often wonder how good the sound can be from a TV set that is little more than the size of the screen but pure lows and reduced distortion come from massive leaps in the speaker technology used in sets today.

Long duct speakers positioned behind screens, miniaturised bass boxes, magnetic fluid speakers – all of these are innovative design ideas that mean you can experience the best quality sound with adding bulk to your TV.


The big buzz around new TVs is connected with the smart word and this means a new revolution has begun. The future of television lies in connectivity so that the whole experience becomes more interactive. Whether this means controlling your set with gestures or discovering more content from online apps and websites direct from your TV, the next generation of televisions are far more capable than ever before.


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