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The most innovative tech products last year


The NexTI conference in late October last year was a showcase of incredible innovations, with companies big and small displaying some of the most mind bending inventions they could come up with; some outlandish and only for the mega-rich; some intended to improve the everyday lives of ordinary people.

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Tech Gizmo: Significant Gadgets to Improve Business Productivity

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 20.45.26

According to you, is it sufficient to get a good and satisfying job with an outstanding workplace or business where you can work and get remunerated extremely, every month? Whether your office is a small firm or a big organization, it is vital to make sure that your office is driven through achievement and competence that can fetch your organization with considerable results.

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The Basics of Digital Marketing


The online world can be a little daunting sometimes – especially for those new to the digital landscape. A successful online strategy can seem pretty complicated to achieve – and more often than not, it’s much easier to get lost in the deep end than take things one step at a time.

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Ways to Make Online Shopping Easier for Your Customers


The best way to keep consumers and gain new ones is to make your online website easy to use and safe for those that are purchasing online with you. Having a site that’s easy to navigate, as well as a check-out system that’s safe and fast, is among the top two consumer requests when online shopping, according to a survey conducted by UPS about online shopping habits and trends. If your online site is lacking either of these, fixing it should be your number one priority in order to make shopping with your company a good experience for online shoppers.
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How to drive more traffic by optimizing your website design

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Your company website will often be the first port of call for your customers, so it’s crucial that it looks professional and makes the right first impression. People are becoming increasingly internet savvy and customer’s expectations have risen as more and more business is done via the internet. It is important to regularly check your site, make sure it’s working as it should, and see if there are any improvements that can be made.

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Will Modern Technology Add to Your Fishing Fun or Take Away From It?


At some point most of us are tempted by the idea of idea of going on a fishing trip. There are a number of fantastic reasons for doing this; getting some fresh air, seeing new places, spending quality time with friends. However, the advent of modern fishing technology gives us something new to think about. Will this add to the pleasure you get from the trip or take away from it?

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Consumption and Creation in Style

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Back in May 2010, Dan Shafer posted in his blog the iPad is not “a business productivity tool due primarily to difficult connectivity and file storage/sharing capabilities but also due to the virtual keyboard.”

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What’s Wrong with My Computer? Common IT issues

129660 Regardless of how IT-savvy you are, now and again when your computer goes wrong, you’ve no idea where to turn. It may well be that there is a serious error to deal with, but many problems on personal computers can actually be solved simply. Just learning how to recognise the problem can save you plenty of cash in PC repairs. Continue reading →

How Technology is Helping Policing


As technology continues to advance, there’s more and more applications it has to make policing more efficient and speedy. From sensor networks to crowd monitoring, making the streets safe for everyone is becoming easier and more viable.

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Remote access to your Windows PC from multiple platforms


Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the use of remote desktop software. With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device initiatives, businesses large and small are realizing the potential of remote access solutions beyond the realm of on-demand technical assistance. Both hardware and software are no longer entirely confined to the realm of the IT support team. What might be considered a nuisance can also help in making the modern workplace into a more productive and cost-effective place. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) clients, particularly those that provide a great user experience over multiple platforms and devices, are now playing an essential role in improving the bottom line of any business not just those who work in freelance IT.

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