Consumption and Creation in Style

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Back in May 2010, Dan Shafer posted in his blog the iPad is not “a business productivity tool due primarily to difficult connectivity and file storage/sharing capabilities but also due to the virtual keyboard.”

iPad = Consumption

And then people started discovering and inventing ways to use their iPads for business – both for the lone wolf, and for larger establishments as well.

Brent Leary boils down how iPads are used in building business relationships into:

  1. Superior experience = easier consumption
  2. Easier consumption = more consumption
  3. More consumption = more chances to connect

Notice all of them contains ‘consumption’. This summary of the iPad’s main attractions just bolsters the argument that the iPad is mostly for consumption, not creation.

Also back in 2010, Marc Saltzman quoted Tim Bajarin of Creative Strategies as saying the iPad is “fine for browsing the Web, reading a book, or watching video, but business is more of a learn forward experience – such as writing long e-mails and reports, or working on spreadsheets and presentations.”

Consumption vs Creation

And Bajarin does have a point. The following business uses of the iPad  –

  • Searching for and buying products
  • Connecting with service providers
  • Point of sale
  • Product catalog
  • Customer service tool

–  are all acts of media consumption, not creation, while business correspondence and reporting, data analysis, and the creation of presentations are production activities – “lean forward experiences”, as Tim Bajarin says.

In order for the iPad to become a true creation tool in business, it has to support “lean forward” activities in the long term. “Lean forward” activities require a better data input device than a touch screen (never mind the action intensive computing future “The Minority Report” tempts us with).

This means a keyboard – and a very good one. This also means you should be able to adjust your iPad’s viewing angle to your liking. And your iPad should also be well protected from accidental bumps, scratches, and short falls.

Enter the ClamCase

All these requirements the ClamCase Pro keyboard case can provide – in the best way possible – made of the best materials for the job, all the while looking like a natural part of your iPad.

ClamCase provides that missing “production” component to your iPad, so that you can call your iPad (or the iPad mini) a true business tool.

Sure, you can get the same functions from other keyboard cases, but the ClamCase completes the iPad for business in a way no other clamshell keyboard case does. If quality is your priority in using your iPad for serious business, the ClamCase Pro is for you.

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