The most innovative tech products last year


The NexTI conference in late October last year was a showcase of incredible innovations, with companies big and small displaying some of the most mind bending inventions they could come up with; some outlandish and only for the mega-rich; some intended to improve the everyday lives of ordinary people.

Getting an idea off the ground is never easy, but when you’ve got great ideas for innovative products you just need to get them in front of the right people and watch the legend grow. Here are some of the best ideas from last year’s NexTI to get you in the mood to exhibit this year.

Panasonic LFP 30 Series

The adverts for 3D TV are becoming more common, as HD has all but become the norm. People are looking for what’s next when it comes to screens for their electronics, and Panasonic might have one suggestion. The LFP 30 series is an IP66-rated display that resists incredible heat, extreme cold, dust and water, WITHOUT requiring screen protectors or additional casing.  It also looks incredible in the bright outdoors, so we could be seeing it cleaning up the tablet market one day soon.

Logitech BCC 950

As mentioned in the Panasonic example above, HD is fast becoming standard when it comes to TVs. Thanks to Logitech, it might be standard in webcams soon too, as they unveiled this device: HD quality video, incredible sound clarity, and all in a tiny USB device, meaning that web-camming on laptop computers could become even more popular.

Aerohive Networks Bonjour Gateway

Aerohive was a runner up in the cloud computing category last year, and this year they won wireless networking outright. Their free VMware virtual appliance means that the Zero-Configuration Networking protocol that has become synonymous with Apple devices is now available to businesses. It means that everything in an office can stay connected with a minimum of support, and can easily be used by less tech-savvy employees.

Trend Micro Cloud computing

This form of security is become increasingly prevalent in the business world for a number of reasons. As mentioned, the ease of use is a big selling point, but cloud computing lets you protect your data by placing it in a “cloud” apart from the physical storage mediums. If, for some reason, a few hard drives break down or fall prey to natural disaster such as a lightning strike, then the data inside may be lost. Cloud storage and protection, on the other hand, places that data in a virtual location that is untouchable, making it a must for businesses of all sizes.

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