Remote access to your Windows PC from multiple platforms


Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the use of remote desktop software. With the proliferation of Bring Your Own Device initiatives, businesses large and small are realizing the potential of remote access solutions beyond the realm of on-demand technical assistance. Both hardware and software are no longer entirely confined to the realm of the IT support team. What might be considered a nuisance can also help in making the modern workplace into a more productive and cost-effective place. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) clients, particularly those that provide a great user experience over multiple platforms and devices, are now playing an essential role in improving the bottom line of any business not just those who work in freelance IT.

Why RDP is better (and easier) now

RDP solutions have come a long way in the last decade. The domination of VNC-based applications has been slowly eroded by the rise of browser-based and mobile app RDP clients, which bypassed the need for complicated network configurations or software installations on both ends of the spectrum. Ericom’s Remote Desktop Client solutions like their browser-based AccessNow, unlike similar products in the past, don’t even require plugin installations and have streamlined the process for users of any device or operating system. Open up Chrome, IE10, or any other HTML5 browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone; and, whether you’re on Android or iOS, your target Windows desktop is within reach. RDP apps have also streamlined the whole process and both products now give a more seamless and intuitive experience, making remote access of a Windows desktop feel as smooth as using the real thing

Why use a multi-platform RDP client? 

A business needs to ask itself whether it wants to empower its employees to use their own mobile devices to access their files and applications from anywhere. If this would significantly benefit the running of the company then an RDP client, especially browser-based, is a cost-effective, simple and secure way of providing that access. There are no installation requirements on the end-user device which means for users and the IT team there is zero client maintenance. For IT administrators, an RDP client simplifies access management for the many mobile devices running different software in today’s modern working environment and eliminates the need for time-consuming updates across all employees’ mobile devices. Businesses can also rest comfortably in the knowledge that RDP solutions operate across secure, encrypted gateways or use VPN or SSL VPN to make sure any sensitive information sent over the network won’t fall into the wrong hands. The browser-based clients have the added benefit of not requiring any data to be stored on the user device meaning sensitive and important documents can remain on the office computer, for instance, and not in the field.

If businesses want to keep up with the ever-expanding BYOD movement and the shift to a more mobile way of working, remote access solutions will be the way to cater for the needs of employees who more and more frequently require quick and easy access to company resources.

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