Ways to Make Online Shopping Easier for Your Customers


The best way to keep consumers and gain new ones is to make your online website easy to use and safe for those that are purchasing online with you. Having a site that’s easy to navigate, as well as a check-out system that’s safe and fast, is among the top two consumer requests when online shopping, according to a survey conducted by UPS about online shopping habits and trends. If your online site is lacking either of these, fixing it should be your number one priority in order to make shopping with your company a good experience for online shoppers.

Organize Your Site

First, look at your online site. Imagine you’re in a department store and you’re looking for shoes. You find yourself in the clothing aisles, so you know shoes can’t be too far away because that’s the natural order of shopping organization. If your site doesn’t make this much sense, it isn’t organized with shopping in mind. For instance, if you are selling gardening supplies and outdoor activity supplies, you will want to make sure the site flows properly. You wouldn’t want to put volleyball nets next to garden gnomes on a shopping page because it just isn’t right for the consumer when they are shopping for volleyball supplies. Most shoppers prefer to have everything organized into easy-to-read categories to the side of the screen, with links to each item they need to find. If they can’t find it quickly, they may just find another site to shop with altogether.

Make Checkout Easy and Safe

After your client has found their volleyball supplies and they want to check out, make sure they have the option to check out quickly. One page checkout is a great way to help a returning clients get in and out quickly because it stores their information, and all they have to do is sign in and click “checkout” to be done with their purchases. Make sure you use a checkout system that is secure, though, or else your clients’ information could be hacked by identity thieves, and there is no worse publicity for an online site than a consumer complaining their information was stolen from your site.

Allow for Easy Returns

If your client doesn’t like their new volleyball set, they will want to return it. Make sure they can return it without a lot of hassle or else they may not ever purchase from you again. Additionally, they may tell other people that buying with you is a hassle, and those people won’t want to buy from you either. Make your return information clear and easy to read and find, so that the consumer knows what to expect before making any type of purchase.

When setting up your online site, make shopping easy and safe for your customers by allowing one-click checkouts, secure checkouts that protect their information, easy returns, and having a site that is organized to allow for finding information easily. When consumers feel comfortable with your site, they will shop with you more often and promote you.

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