Will Modern Technology Add to Your Fishing Fun or Take Away From It?


At some point most of us are tempted by the idea of idea of going on a fishing trip. There are a number of fantastic reasons for doing this; getting some fresh air, seeing new places, spending quality time with friends. However, the advent of modern fishing technology gives us something new to think about. Will this add to the pleasure you get from the trip or take away from it?

Control a Boat

The technology which most divides opinion is that which allows you to get a boat to do most of the hard work for you. The use of bait boats is something which some anglers frown upon but other people see them as adding an extra element of fun to the whole event. This is a remote control boat which you can move out to the ideal spot to try and grab some fish. It could add to your fun if this is your first fishing expedition and trying to do it in the traditional way would end up in frustration and embarrassment. However, if there are experienced fishermen in the rest of your group or standing nearby then they might not be best pleased to see you use this device to gain an advantage or to make the water look more cluttered.

Get an Alarm

Another part of the fishing experience which modern technology can play a part in is that of working out when you have a bite. Traditionally you would do this by, for example, keeping a close eye on your float out on the water. However, a new way of doing this is by getting a bite alarm which will make a noise whenever you land a fish. Will it add to your enjoyment of the trip or will it take away from it? Well, if you want to enjoy doing other things without keeping an eye on your life then you could say that it will give you a benefit. On the other hand, if what you want is a typical fishing experience with some peaceful time staring out at the water to help you relax and de-stress then you might want to forget about the gadgets. It all comes down to your personal preference in the end.

A Learning DVD

There are some great DVDs around just now which teach you about the underwater behaviour of fish. If you want to have the best possible chance of catching something and don’t mind doing some research then this could be a very useful piece of technology. The DVDs are actually pretty interesting and you could even take them with you when you head out to the fishing spot, so that you and your companions can watch and learn together. Of course, if you just want a good time and aren’t too bothered about the techniques involved in fishing then you aren’t going to be too bothered about this idea and might just want to get stuck in instead.

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