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Will iPhone 5s and 5c help Apple reassert their dominance?


A familiar site greeted UK shoppers recently – queues of people stood patiently outside their local Apple shop waiting for the doors to open.

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Google steps up efforts to make internet surveillance more difficult


Search engine giant Google has announced that it is in the process of making user activity across the internet much more complex to survey.

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Philips and Armin van Buuren collaborate to create new decks


When one of the biggest DJs of the moment joins up with a technology giant, you know that something special is going to be created in the process.

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Must-have accessories for your Canon camera


If photography is your new hobby, and you are sporting a fantastic camera, all that is left to do is kit it out with all the accessories you will need. Here is our guide to the best accessories for your Canon camera:

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The Importance of Backing up Your Files and Records


Archiving your data is essential if you’re a business. You need to keep financial records for at least six years but there are other reasons for recording data and keeping it for prosperity. You can use it for future reference, as a way to record a history of the business and for forecasting.  When it comes to filing your records you need to have systems in place that will prevent all of your items being lost.

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Enterprise resource planning: the perfect business solution?


A confident management team is essential when important and appropriate strategic decisions are required; the ability to identify and avoid potential future problems is also vital. Relying on guesswork, or inaccurate figures, is rarely a tactic for anything other than disaster, and a lack of clarity within businesses is part of the reason why 986 businesses close down each quarter in the UK.

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Five Top Servers for Business Use – from Small Business to Enterprise


Picking a server for your business? You’ll need to consider a number of factors. Size, price, and data capabilities are all top of the shopping list, and each have different weight depending on the budget and requirements of the business at hand. I’ve selected five of the best models for use by a range of business sizes – from budget models to data monsters.

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Guerrilla marketing comes to the music world


Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire have used the unique advertising strategy of guerrilla marketing in order to promote their brand-new album.

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Different Experiences of Five Thriving Entrepreneurs


In the following paragraphs, we take a glimpse at the most well-known three entrepreneurs ever to have existed. If you want more articles like this one, please visit my blog at

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Hire Jungle – Hiring Paradise

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 17.05.31 2

In this day and age, going to extra mile to buy something just to use it once isn’t really a viable option. But then, getting holding of something to hire isn’t always that simple to. Thankfully, one particular website has cut out the hassle by providing a service with which users can find pretty much anything they want to hire.

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