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The Advance of CMMS Software


The global economic pressures bearing down on businesses large and small, together with an increasingly competitive environment make the role of today’s maintenance managers highly demanding. They face the difficult task of balancing the delivery of professional maintenance services aimed at reducing business risk, whilst keeping tight control of costs.

During the past two decades, advances in Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) have transformed manufacturing efficiency levels. As a result of these advances we now have the ability to automate many standard maintenance processes, analyse in detail various parts of our businesses, and manage the performance of much of our equipment.

Exchanging paper-based methods or spreadsheets for CMMS Software is empowering for Maintenance, Production and Engineering Managers alike; quite simply, a CMMS is an essential tool to move maintenance operations from reactive crisis management towards an effectively planned and controlled system.

CMMS Software delivers valuable information by providing the capability to manage an organisation’s asset portfolio down to individual asset level. A CMMS Software system can:

  • Enable the scheduling of asset related work, such as maintenance, testing, inspections and health and safety activities.
  • Determine the elements that affect reliability, servicing and repair, and highlight the most cost effective method of maintaining an asset.
  • Allow the creation of unique and flexible maintenance regimes to cover bespoke requirements.
  • Incorporate a help desk system providing a reactive maintenance solution.
  • Provide interactive tools to give a full overview of the maintenance jobs that are scheduled to take place during future periods.
  • Link to the mobile CAFM applications for field engineer use.

Some CMMS products focus on particular industry sectors while other packages aim to be more general. Most will produce status reports and documents giving details or summaries of maintenance activities. The more sophisticated the package, the more analysis facilities are available.

CMMS software and technology is continually evolving to keep pace with today’s leaner, greener operational environment and support changes to working practices.

CMMS Software enables maintenance managers to achieve greater control of:

  • Maintenance team workload and performance.
  • Day-to-day operating costs as well as total cost of ownership.
  • Unscheduled equipment down-time.
  • Unnecessary capital expenditure.
  • Timely management reporting.



The Usage Of Ipad In Healthcare Industry


Over a recent couple of years ipads became increasingly popular all around the world. Sales statistics is impressive. Apple has sold 170 million ipads since the product was launched. Most of us probably can’t imagine a daily routine without this device. Ipads accompany us everywhere – at work, at home, during a lunch break, while travelling and even in the bathroom. Growth and popularity of apple’s tablets goes on, as more and more industries embrace this attractive and highly promising niche. As ipads got more popular, the new concept of bring yuor own device has become widespread.

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Intelligent manufacturing with CAM software


Sometimes, it can feel as if the new differentiators in the modern economic age are all a bit, well, little. Little bits of plastic and aluminium, innovative pieces of technology, all dreamed up in a laboratory or workshop in Stockholm or Seoul, are what is setting some nations on the path to progress.

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The Ideal Home Cinema Experience: Five Essential Components

Sony Bravia KDL55HX853

For movie and television lovers, building the perfect home cinema is a dream come true. No longer will you have to sit next to a stranger grazing noisily on popcorn, ruining your cinematic experience. No longer will you have to deal with crying babies, loud teenagers or those sub-species of people who text or make calls during the film.

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Cell C South Africa- A Phone Company for Today


Cell C South Africa is an excellent company and cell provider. It offers great coverage and a wide variety of plans and products. The network is expansive and easily available, at an affordable price.
The Network

The third cell network in the area, Cell C South Africa has made cell service an effort of innovation in South Africa. It may have been the third network in South Africa, but it was the first cell provider to operate a dual band GSM900/1800 MHz data network. Since it was founded in November 2001 Cell C has worked to make cell service more affordable, and to increase coverage in South Africa. Recently it has made many changes that have completely shaken up the South African Market, offering the lowest data rate of any company in the area. The Network has expanded to allow coverage to nearly all of South Africa, and the company continues to offer excellence and strive for innovation.
Technology and Services

Cell C South Africa offers a network with 98% population coverage. This coverage is a result of Cell C taking itself into a new era with a new sophisticated core switching network. This new network has made it so that an unprecedented amount of traffic demand can be easily coped with and taken care of. The company has also added roaming agreements with 550 different telecommunications operators all around the world. Agreements in more than 187 countries make the network widespread and available to hand any call. Adding to this the affordability of Cell C makes for a cell company that stands out from the rest, taking care of over 11.5 million subscribers with efficacy and excellence. Some of the many products available are video messaging, mms, voicemail, internet, and much more. And it is all available on a reliable network with a wide range of coverage.
The Website

The Cell C website is an amazing tool for learning about the company, searching for the right plan, or just looking up questions about a plan you already have. It is well organized and easy to navigate, making it perfect for finding answers to any question. The site is easy to search and offers an easy look at Cell C South Africa and all that it has to offer, from data plans to different phones. Any information is easily found and well organized, without any excess clutter on the site making it difficult to search. It is easy to navigate and find anything within the site, and all information is clear and concisely stated, making it as easy to understand as it is to find.

Cell C is an excellent company, devoted to offering affordable service and excellent coverage. As one of the first cell companies in South Africa it had a long way to go to offer the excellence it offers today, and it has done an amazing job of getting where it is today. The variety of products, service plans, and the fantastic network make it an ideal phone provider for anyone.

The Rise Of Hotel Comparison Websites


Since the likes of Lastminute and Priceline were launched in 1998 hotel comparison websites have grown by leaps and bounds, eating up hotels’ market share and pushing traditional high street agencies into a supporting role within the travel industry.

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Reasons Why Your Business Can Benefit From IT Support


Whilst the economy continues to trundle on as it tries to repair itself, the emphasis on creating cost-effective, efficient and innovative business strategies is only heightened.  What often slows companies down is paper work and in the last few decades, the shift has very much changed to a more digital and online approach.

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