The Ideal Home Cinema Experience: Five Essential Components

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For movie and television lovers, building the perfect home cinema is a dream come true. No longer will you have to sit next to a stranger grazing noisily on popcorn, ruining your cinematic experience. No longer will you have to deal with crying babies, loud teenagers or those sub-species of people who text or make calls during the film.

No, with a home cinema, you will no longer have to endure these injustices. Once you have your own big screen, you can truly enjoy the re-mastered versions of your old classics with the latest hardware to ensure you have the ultimate movie experience, right there in your own home. As long as you can afford it, setting your home cinema up is merely five steps away.

1.      Speakers

The size and clarity of your television, screen or projector isn’t going to mean anything at all unless you have 100 per cent clear sound. A primary consideration should be that the speakers you purchase are proportionate to the size of the room where your home cinema will be.

On the other hand, if you’re going for surround sound, make sure that all the speakers belong to the same set: this will ensure the best possible quality and less chance of you having to replace them any time soon.

2.      Subwoofer

After you’ve invested in a killer speaker system, it’s time to top it off with a subwoofer. This will finalise the sound coming out of your speakers, by accentuating the bass and low frequencies coming from the film’s soundtrack. Explosions, gunshots and other ‘big’ sounds will sound a lot more solid.

3.      Stereo receiver

Your channel receiver will join hands between your audio and video. If you opted for a large room for your home cinema, you should buy a receiver that can handle additional channels. On the other hand, if you went for a smaller room, buy a receiver that can operate a proportionate number of channels.

4.      Blu-ray and DVD playback

All Blu-ray players will play DVDs too, so it’s best to go for one of them instead of an older DVD player. Blu-ray players aren’t as expensive as they used to be, either. There are different types: some of them record your TV shows straight to DVD.

5.      The screen

Now, for the exciting part: the television. There’s an overwhelming amount of choice involved: plasma, LCD, 3D and more recently, Smart TVs. If you wait a few more months and save up a lot more cash, you could probably get an OLED curved digital TV to give you the ultimate cinema experience.

Setting up a home cinema is always exciting; the most fun part, however, is when you get to determine what system is going to best suit your needs and the space you have to work with. Have fun, experiment and then enjoy films in the way they’re meant to be enjoyed.

This article was written by Ben Williams.



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