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A Place to Build your Website and Promote yourself Online


These days, the decision to not have an online presence via a website and corresponding social media (Facebook and Twitter at least; but you’ll do even better if you are also available on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube – and be sure to be consistent with usernames and logos across all accounts!) is a bad one. More and more consumers are looking to find a brand and its products, and ideally even make purchases, on the internet. The internet is home to many resources, and the majority of consumers are utilizing those resources, as well as the availability of online companies, to influence their purchasing decisions.

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How to change an iPhone 4s screen

Everybody knows someone with a cracked iPhone screen – not because iPhones are badly made or anything like that, but because there are just so many people with iPhones.

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The UK’s smartphone crime hotspots


Of all the modern ‘must-have’ gadgets, it is the smartphone that now leads the way around the world. Indeed it has become something of a necessity in the eyes of many people to own one. The capabilities of a smartphone are immense and it is typical to have a fair amount of your life stored on there.

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How to Produce an Awesome Corporate Video


Corporate videos are often dull to watch, they bore the employees and the clients that you’re trying to impress. When you create your next video you don’t want to fall into the trap of being so safe that you fail to grab the attention of your prospects. Your aim should always be to impress with an engaging video that will help to bring in more money and result in an improved reputation that pushes your business into greater realms of success.

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Why countryside gamers don’t have to miss out


One of the biggest things that puts people off moving to the countryside is the fear they will lose their connection to the outside world. While many individuals dream of the peace and quiet of rural life, the prospect of not being able to find a reliable phone or internet service is enough to keep their feet firmly rooted in the big city.

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Four out of 10 pet owners worry about vets’ bills

Email marketing for the holidays

With so many pets living in homes in the UK, the news that four owners in 10 are worried about the cost of bills for medical care for their animals is quite worrying; that’s a lot of people who aren’t sure how they are going to pay to look after their cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, hamsters, and the rest.


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