Four out of 10 pet owners worry about vets’ bills

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With so many pets living in homes in the UK, the news that four owners in 10 are worried about the cost of bills for medical care for their animals is quite worrying; that’s a lot of people who aren’t sure how they are going to pay to look after their cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, hamsters, and the rest.


Most people tend to consider their pet as part of the family, though the peace of mind afforded by the NHS for the rest of their family members isn’t extended to their furry friends. That’s why pet insurance is all but essential for most pet owners in the UK; especially if they are concerned about costs. Here’s why:

1. It’s easier to budget for insurance

A monthly or even yearly cost is much easier to budget for than an emergency bill, precisely because you know it’s on its way. It’s tempting to think of insurance as money down the drain when you don’t make a claim – especially when it’s not mandatory insurance like car cover – but it can be far less money down the drain than if you have to pay for an operation that you didn’t know your pet would need.

2. It’s peace of mind

Knowing that your bills will be paid is a massive load off your mind when you’re thinking about the wellbeing of your pet; choose a well-known and well-respected insurer and you’ll be much happier that your animal will be looked after without extra worries than if you have to look at other forms of emergency finance like loans when it becomes necessary. Pet insurance from E&L will give you the peace of mind that you need in order to concentrate on making sure your pet gets better.

3. It’s cheaper in the long run

The average vets’ bill costs £300 nowadays, and thanks to advances in treatment the bills are getting more expensive faster than pet insurance premiums are rising. It only requires a recurring problem for your wage to be sucked away completely for months, so the price of a premium will certainly seem acceptable if you have to make a claim.

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