A Place to Build your Website and Promote yourself Online


These days, the decision to not have an online presence via a website and corresponding social media (Facebook and Twitter at least; but you’ll do even better if you are also available on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube – and be sure to be consistent with usernames and logos across all accounts!) is a bad one. More and more consumers are looking to find a brand and its products, and ideally even make purchases, on the internet. The internet is home to many resources, and the majority of consumers are utilizing those resources, as well as the availability of online companies, to influence their purchasing decisions.

If you don’t have a website, you probably don’t realize the extent to which you are missing out. But even if you have a small business, a new business, or a business that is not doing so hot these days, here’s why you need to discover Register.com as a potential source for establishing your website and promoting yourself online:

People will Google you. Or Bing, or Yahoo, or MSN. In any case, they’re going to be using their search engines of choice to find you, and if they aren’t directed to your website within a few clicks, they’ll give up, and settle for your competition.

You will have a global presence. Thanks to the global availability of the internet, even if you’re a small storefront (or perhaps working out of a spare bedroom of your home), you’ll be able to potentially market your wares to customers in other cities, states, and even countries. So long as there’s an internet connection, you’ll be at the other end of it – but only if you have a website.

You can advertise cheaply. Hosting plans and yearly domain name registration costs are minimal, and so long as you pay them, you’ll have a continued advertisement of your brand and its products.

You can make money. Bottom line: being online is a customer-base-growing, money-making opportunity, and you would be foolish to pass up on such an opportunity! So get to work on creating a website, even if it’s nothing more than a landing page that provides contact details and social media links.

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