How to Produce an Awesome Corporate Video


Corporate videos are often dull to watch, they bore the employees and the clients that you’re trying to impress. When you create your next video you don’t want to fall into the trap of being so safe that you fail to grab the attention of your prospects. Your aim should always be to impress with an engaging video that will help to bring in more money and result in an improved reputation that pushes your business into greater realms of success.

Brilliant Tips for Incredible Corporate Videos

  1. You must establish what information you want to share. There are all sorts of ideas for you to choose from. You can incorporate customer testimonials into video as a way of showing off the benefits of using your services or products. You could share relevant industry knowledge enhancing your authority in the industry, offer an instructional video or show off what makes your business so different from your competition.
  2. Create the plan when you know what you want to share. The plan will help you to streamline the process and work through each step. The video itself needs a beginning, middle and an end. The plan must also include the various steps you need to complete before, during and after filming too. Decide if you’re going to use actors or your staff, whether it needs to be fully scripted or if you’re happy to adlib and establish the length of the video.
  3. Ask for the input of your employees, family, friends and a small selection of your target audience. Give them a breakdown of the concept and see if they think the idea is as good as you think it is. You must ensure they understand the message you’re trying to share and also that they find it engaging enough to consider watching the video right to the end. If you’re using humour you’ll need to check that they understand it. Humour doesn’t always get understood so if it’s not working be prepared to make the relevant changes.
  4. Production value shouldn’t be disregarded. You will end up with a professional finish if you use professionals so they are worth paying out for. You can create videos with some basic tools and skills in using video recording and sound equipment and editing software but if you’re not careful the video will look cheap and amateurish, two words you don’t want your business to be associated with. Additionally you should also consider hiring a writer to produce your script, they will be able to create compelling content to fit within the time frame and will benefit the whole production.
  5. When it comes to distributing your video you have a lot of options. You can upload the video to YouTube and Vimeo for free and post it on your social networking sites and your blog. However, take the opportunity to create an event and attract the attention of your prospects and the media. Hold an event to broadcast your video and sent it out to your clients and leads.

Your video should reflect your brand. If you’re going to invest in a corporate video it’s worth doing it right. You don’t need a huge budget, just access to some professionals who will raise your game.  If you’re interested in marketing your business with a corporate video request a free quote and find out more before picking up your video camera.

The author is a full time copywriter and social media manager. He has over five years’ experience helping businesses and entrepreneurs develop their brand and increase their reach both on and offline. During his career he’s produced hundreds of articles and successful content marketing campaigns that can be found online.

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