The Advantage of Having a Private Domain in the Online World


We live in a digital world. That’s a fact few will argue. The majority of us have, and use regularly, at least one account on a social networking site. We use these sites as a means to share our ideas, stay in touch with family and friends or to build our brand. Ultimately, however, if we don’t own a domain that’s personal to us, we don’t truly control our own message. Let’s look at what is meant by that, along with other ways that owning a personalized domain is advantageous in today’s online world.

Bring People to You

Owning a personalized domain name allows you to set up a hub where your intended audience can find out more about you and read your message. That intended audience may be family and friends or it could be potential customers. Whether you want a site that is personal or business related, a personal URL is a wise investment because it is a reflection of who you are and provides you with a central base for hosting your ideas. An added bonus is that, once you own your domain name, you can set up a consistent brand by adding your domain name to your email address and utilizing your personalized domain in other branding endeavors. When your intended audience becomes familiar with your brand, they will easily be able to find your central hub, or website, with a simple online search.

An Affordable Investment

Given the fact that there are millions of people in the world, you may not be able to obtain a domain name using just your first and last name. You may need to add a middle initial or some other qualifier such as a hobby or industry type, but owning a uniquely personal URL or domain name is a wise investment in yourself that costs very little monetarily, but can provide immeasurable rewards.

Professional Appearance

Perhaps the best reason of all to own your domain is because doing so presents an overall more professional appearance. Having a domain that reflects your identity links your name to your knowledge or service in the minds of readers and customers. Also, when you purchase your domain, you are able to create an email account that reflects your site’s name. Communicating through a personalized email address sets a better image than one associated with a general gmail or yahoo account. Linking your personal URL to all of your communications gives you a cohesive brand as you go about your online business communications.

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