Benefit to the User Computer Help Desk


A Help Desk helps corporate computer users by operating a simple single point of contact for all computer-related problems. Since the Help Desk is a single point of contact, users can submit all “service requests” to the Help Desk for repairs and assistance with their hardware, software, or networking issues. In some organizations, a Help Desk may be part of a larger Service Desk.

Since service is the key “product” of the help desk, it is critical that support reps build rapport with their customers in order to solve their business needs. Customers may not share their IT issues when they feel uncomfortable dealing with the support staff.

A well-oiled help desk runs on processes and procedures in clearly defined areas. For example, Knowledge Management, Asset Management, Change Management, Configuration Management, and Statistical Reports. These processes exist as databases in Zoho Help Desk management software.

– If the person who is being helped is behind a firewall, NAT, or ICS, Remote Assistance will still function as long as the person being helped initiates the session via Windows Messenger. There is also the ability to offer help to someone, directly with the other party requesting it (this feature was discontinued in later versions of Windows).

– Remote Desktop Connection (mstsc.exe) (RDC, also called Remote Desktop, formerly known as Microsoft Terminal Service Client, or mstsc.exe) is the client application for Remote Desktop Services.

In Windows Vista, Remote Assistance is a standalone application and does not use the Help and Support Center or Windows Messenger. It has been optimized to use less bandwidth for low-speed connections. NAT traversals are also supported, so a session can be established even if the user is behind a NAT device.

In Windows 7, Remote Assistance has an option for connecting directly between two computers without creating an invitation file (by simply exchanging a password). The new option is called Easy Connect and uses PNRP* where two computers can establish a P2P connection over the LAN or the Internet without a relay server.f

*: a Microsoft patented protocol which allows you to publish the endpoint of a service on the internet, in this case the service would be the Remote Assistance session.


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