Smartphone Apps that Can Improve Driving


As cars offer a heightened level of internet connectivity, there is an increased danger of potential driver distraction. Simply sending or receiving a text while driving can distract you from the road, increasing the chances of a collision. Although smartphones are part of this problem, there’s a wide range of apps on the market that can provide a potential solution. Mobile apps can not only prevent you from becoming distracted, but they can also monitor your speed and efficiency as a driver. The following are a few apps to explore if you’re looking for a way to sharpen your skills and focus behind the wheel.


If you have a teenager in the house or want to keep tabs on your friends and family, you might want to download Canary, an app for Android. It sends you an alert when there’s been any texting or Internet use while the person being monitored is driving. There’s also an option to receive an alert if a driver has reached speeds over a predetermined limit, or if there is an emergency. While this may not make you a better driver, it provides peace of mind when loved ones are behind the wheel.

My Max Speed

Do you find it difficult to stick to the speed limit? You can keep tabs on your speed with My Max Speed. In its 2.0 version, this Android app uses the phone’s accelerometer to log your speed and location on the road every 5 seconds. This data is then available to export to a spreadsheet, giving you an accurate record of your driving. Not only can this be used to track your own speed over time in an effort to reduce it, but it can also be used as a tool to fight speeding tickets.


You may have researched vehicle options carefully before making a purchase to find a green-friendly option. However, it’s all too common for a car’s actual mileage to vary from what’s reported in reviews on or other professional websites, due to driving style. GreenMeter is an app for iPhone that gives you readouts of your driving style, allowing you to adjust your brake and accelerator pedal use to get the best possible mileage. You can monitor your oil consumption, CO2 emissions, and mileage to see how reality compares to manufacturer numbers.


Many drivers use the GPS feature on their smartphones for driving directions and updates. However, this can cause distraction on the road, even if you only glance down at your phone for a few seconds. Glympse solves this problem by displaying the information on your car’s dashboard instead. This makes it easier to access information without breaking your line of vision on the road.


When you’re running late, it’s tempting to pick up the phone to send a quick text to let your office or friends know. Twist can send automatic updates to predetermined contacts, so that you don’t have to pick up your phone at any point. The app uses your smartphone’s built-in GPS to send alerts if you’re stuck in traffic or running behind schedule.

By taking the time to download these handy apps in advance, you can monitor your driving and avoid the pitfalls of distraction.

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