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How to get cheap data when you’re on the move


At one time, staying connected while you were out and about proved to be pretty expensive. Blackberry was the only company to offer low cost data roaming.

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Is it easier or harder to find a job thanks to social media?


In these tough economic times people need to take whatever advantage they can get a hold of when it comes to finding a job, and it’s fair to say that since the last recession, recruitment has changed a fair bit – thanks in no small part to the internet.


Candidates are no longer expected to write a hard copy of their covering letter and mail it, or drop it off at their prospective employer’s building personally. Add to this how much easier it is to be found by potential employers thanks to jobs boards and proactive recruiters, along with those employers now using recruitment software by softgarden, it’s no longer the case that you have to go to a jobcentre to find a job; you can stay at home while a job finds you.

The downside of social media

The problem with prospective employers being able to find everything they need to know about you via social media channels is that they are also able to find out things that you might not want them to know…such as that you clearly have a drinking problem, according to your photos.

If you’re looking to work in a professional environment sharing your views on controversial subjects via your Facebook or Twitter profiles is not advised. It’s also probably best to tone down your holiday snaps from Magaluf…or better still, make your Facebook profile private (and keep checking that it is, because Facebook has a habit of changing the rules) and force your future workmates to stick to LinkedIn…at least until you get to know them.

The internet is changing recruiting

It’s not just jobseeking that has changed thanks to social media…but also headhunting. The aforementioned social network LinkedIn is a paradise for recruiters, but candidates still browse job boards. Thanks to recruitment software it’s no longer necessary for companies to spend hours copying and pasting their vacancies to each and every job board in order to make sure that the right candidates can see your positions – software can now do that for you, which means that you can still make sure that candidates are coming to you.

Do you need to calibrate tools?


A poor workman blames his tools, or so the saying goes. Obviously this means that the best workmen simply keep their tools in tip top condition – or at least they should – and for many people with mechanical equipment this can mean regular calibration.

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